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Do You Want to Become Certified, Trained and Proficient in interpreting the Everything DiSC® Workplace?

  • Are you looking to gain confidence and become credentialed in using Everything DiSC®?
  • Are you looking for an effective tool that creates more effective relationships in teams?
  • Are you an L&D Professional looking to use the Everything DiSC® application across your organisation to improve productivity and engagement?
  • Will you be creating your own Everything DiSC® training plans for management, leadership or sales?
  • Do you want an effective instant coaching and consulting Tool Kit to give you credibility and create results for your clients?
  • Still using MBTI, DiSC Classic®®
     and want to update your coaching toolkit to the latest cutting edge coaching tools?
  • Learn how to leverage DiSC® for Line Managers and developing your organisation.

If you want to create instant, lasting and impactful results, then please join us in this highly interactive workshop. You will have hands-on practice working with a wide range of Everything DiSC® solutions, and you will take part in group presentations of the learning materials.

If you are an experienced L&D Professional already certified in DiSC and want to upgrade to Everything DiSC®, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Contact us to learn more about our corporate in-house and Online Training Programmes which can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. 

Please contact us for more information.

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Uses of Everything DiSC®

  • Management training
  • Sales training / enrollment
  • Conflict management/reduction
  • On the job coaching
  • Teambuilding
Instantly Create a High Quality Transformative Impact for your Clients or Organisation
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Oliver Love
Oliver's combine business leadership experience with extensive personal and organisational development. Delivering business results, organisational impact and positive change. DISC ASIA is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Distribution Partner since 2013.
Become Everything DiSC® Certified with our Train a Trainer Program.

Develop confidence and become proficient by learning:

  •  A detailed understanding of the DiSC® model and how to derive optimum benefit from the Everything DiSC® tools.
  • A range of workshops which can be tailored to any situation.
  • Ready made presentations so that you have no downtime creating new course collateral.
  • You have no downtime creating new course collateral or presentations.
  • How to access to your own online portal allowing you to manage, personalise and allocate Everything DiSC® profiles on an individual or group basis.
  • How you can hit the ground running with Everything DiSC® immediate
What do you get from the Certification?
  • Two-day train-the-trainer workshop certification by experienced facilitators
  • EPIC account plus 30 credits
  • Personal Everything DiSC Workplace® profile report
  • Post Training Support through access to our technical support services
DISC Asia has certified people who work at the following companies/organisations:
What you'll get on leaving your contact details:

DiSC® & MBTI Comparison

Learn about the key benefits over MBTI and why experiences facilitators around the world have chosen DiSC® as there go to assessment tool

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Kits (Explainer)

Facilitation kits come with ready-to-use: 
• PowerPoint presentations
• Leader’s Guides
• Participant Handouts
• Videos

Team Comparison (Sample)

Understand the dynamics and chemistry of your organisation. Use this a guide for organisational harmony and conflict reduction.

Chinese Comparison Report (Sample)

Work with the Chinese version of the DiSC® materials. Helping you deliver organisational success in the comfort of you language of choice
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Here's What People Are Saying About Us...
"Thank you for a fantastic training. I haven’t stopped talking about it and it looks like I have convinced my MD to use the DiSC® assessment across the company starting with the executive team. It was great training with you and lovely meeting such passionate and skilled people."
"Thank you for an informative and fun training session. I really appreciated your transparency and generosity with facilitation and application tips. I think it makes it easier and more likely that I'll try using the instrument in different contexts."

"You added a new dimension to my knowledge of DiSC®.
Much appreciated."

"Thank you again for the DiSC® training, I really enjoyed it and I 'LOVE' DiSC®. I have used it in a one on one coaching session last weekend and I used some of the elements and exercises from our training and it went really well."

"Thanks for the great two days last week. Very useful, practical and clear."

"Many thanks for your investment in my development this week. I am thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I feel so comfortable with DiSC® now, thank you!"

"I attended the certification programme last week in Hong Kong and I have to say, it was first-class. So informative and practical. I came away from the workshop and I was immediately able to put the learning into practice. Everything DiSC® is first-class! Thank you."

"I had a wonderful and fruitful experience with Jeremy during my Everything DiSC® certification program. I gained far more than what I expected during the program. Thanks for your sharing and insights."
"I truly enjoyed the training. I learned a lot from it and you. It was also a great group!"

"Thank you! Great session, very insightful and I appreciate you taking us through it."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I will have fun introducing this tool here so thank you. It was also wonderful to be with like-minded people."

"Thank you very much for all the useful knowledge and tips you have shared during the 2 days. I'm now confident on delivering DiSC® course or talking about this topic with clients."

"On top of the accreditation, thanks for an enjoyable session, I had fun. I’m now exploring more about how to approach and engage different styles as I see this as a key way of helping teams work better together and to achieve better outcomes."

"The trainers had excellent facilitation skills and solid knowledge of Everything DiSC®. They were able to explain the theory and combine it with the practicality of the tool for our audience. The trainers also did a good job in facilitating the brainstorming of practical exercises and help us review obstacles we might face in implementing DiSC® into our work."
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